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Welcome to tenipuri_hush, an icontest for the anime/manga Prince of Tennis/Tenisu no Oujisama and the musical Tenimyu, where iconmakers make icons of various PoT characters without text.


As of now, there are no bannermakers for this community. Winners can go to custom_banners for banners.

-Respect the members of this community
-You must be a member to submit icons and/or vote
-Icons must be made for the contest, and must be fresh
-Icons must remain anonymous until winners are announced for that given week
-Please do not vote for yourself, and do not get friends to vote for you
-Icons must fit LJ standards (40kb or less, 100x100 or less)
-Do not take any icons without the maker's permission, and do not steal
-All members are allowed to submit icons and/or vote
-Fanart is NOT allowed; Doujinshi is with proper credit
-You may submit up to 3 icons
-Being a Hush Icontest...all icons should have NO TEXT ON THEM (Tiny text will be allowed, since that is considered a "brush") More detail...

Saturday: New Submission Post
Wednesday: Mid Week Reminder
Saturday: Submissions Close, Voting Begins. New Submission Post Is Posted.
Sunday: Voting Closes, Winners Announced

Your submission should look something like this:

URL: http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c290/Telekinises/sentient-kaidoh/12.png
Credits: spottedtail

-You may submit 3 or less icons each week

When voting:

Vote for your top three favorites
Do NOT vote for yourself or get friends to vote for you



1st, 2nd, 3rd

Order DOES matter! The first number you put will get 3 points, the 2nd: 2, and the 3rd: 1

Every now and then, depending on the number of entries, there will be a special category. You will be notified of the special category on the voting post.

Best Cropping: The icon that was best cropped.
Most Creative: The icon that shows originality and creativity.
Best Colors: The icon that stands out because of it's color(s).
Best Emotion: The icon that bursts with emotions.
Best Picture: The icon that used a picture that you really liked.
Best Interpretation: The icon that interprets the given theme the best.

Week 1: Seigaku >> dyaoka
Week 2: Popular Characters >> iceduelist
Week 3: Provided Images >> silverserenade
Week 4: Optimism/Happiness >> dyaoka
Week 5: OTP >> iceduelist
Week 6: Vacation >> takewing
Week 7: Black and White >> denri_x3
Week 8: Pride >> yukimura
Week 9: Celebration >> spottedtail
Week 10: Glasses >> oishiionigiri
Week 11: Least Favorite Character >> oishiionigiri
Week 12: Image Reuse >> oishiionigiri
Week 13: Pain/Defeat >> spottedtail
Week 14: Lyrical Interpretation (Season) >> yukimura
Week 15: Head Wear >> iceduelist
Week 16: Inanimate Objects >> zerosaver
Week 17: Blue >> keight_michelle
Week 18: Emotionless >> keight_michelle
Week 19: Food >> TBA

Hall of Fame:
Those who have placed First three times! You will recieve a banner by spottedtail ^^

oishiionigiri - Weeks 10, 11, 12
iceduelist - Weeks 2, 5, 15

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Icon Communities:
Comment here if you want to affliate

Layout: code by snubicons, graphics by spottedtail
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis/Tenisu no Oujisama does not belong to me. Nor does TeniMyu. They are the property of Takeshi Konomi and whoever owns Tenimyu, respectively.